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MaxiCell provides the building blocks of health cells & DNA:

MaxiCell Pure Cellular Health Complex formulas provide a pure, highly bioavailable unique blend of natural ingredients found in mammals cells from which every system and process of the body can benefit. MaxiCell is the true multi-tasking supplement which underpins all nutritional health by providing the foundations for healthy cell replication and intestinal absorption onto which a good diet and supplementation can build exceptional health.

Increases nutrient absorption by around 20%

Provides the building blocks of DNA

Underpins  all nutritional health

Pure & high bio availability

Pet, working, agricultural & clinical applications

Our Team

Our team consists of experts in immunology, longevity, nutrition and animal welfare. Together, over the past 20 years, we have developed a process which combines a unique blend of natural ingredients into a supplement that has tremendous benefits to animals and humans. Some of these ingredients will assist in reducing the effects of immediate stress but more importantly in correct ratios they can help combat the adverse effects stress has on cells, digestion and immunology.


Decreased recovery times from trauma and post operative care are amongst a range of applications in which MaxiCell can provide added benefit to animals in a clinical setting as well as boosting immune response pre and post vaccination. 


Domestic animals can benefit from the inclusion of MaxiCell in their diet when their owners choose brands Powered by MaxiCell. Helping to repair the physiological damage caused by stress and anxiety is one of the key benefits of MaxiCell. 


MaxiCell can be of great benefit to the performance of working animals in terms of speed, endurance and faster recovery times and can be used by agility and sled dog teams as well as working animals. Breeders can see the benefit in the condition of breeding individuals and increased acquired immunity in neonates. MaxiCell can also help counter the physiological stress placed on show and sporting animals during and after competition and exhibition. 


MaxiCell is available for inclusion in pet food, treats and supplements to increase the benefit of nutrients and provide an additional selling point for consumers. Our active ingredients remain stable through baking, extrusion and pressing. MaxiCell can also be used in it’s original powder form for inclusion in wet and raw foods.


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